Word and The Matrix

Saturday afternoon I was chatting online with Word and I told him about my experience on the beach the previous night.  He knew the feeling.  I told him that I could feel something coming,and he wholeheartedly agreed.  We were discussing The Matrix and we agreed that the movie is much more real than most people believe.  I told him about how I was ready for my ascension and he told me to be patient.  I said that I was ready to meet Morpheus and take the pill.  Word’s theory is that something must still be out of alignment, and once that piece falls into place, the door will open.  He told me that he knows his purpose here - he's a messenger of Love.  Of course, he is.  

I knew something was coming, which is precisely why I went to the ocean again.  I sat down and just began to play for myself.  Some people walked by and gave me the thumbs up.  Others shouted and hooted.   A couple of boys came and sat down and started singing and banging out rhythms on the bench seat.  They sat for just a minute, but told me that it sounded great, and to keep on going! Who were these boys?  They were inspiration, just what I needed to do that - keep on going.  Not more than 5 minutes had passed when  then trio of Vaclav, Janet and Guntis appeared.