Vaclav taught me how to play the blues.  I met this strangely deep, middle-aged Czech man on a bench by the beach on a starry Saturday night in Surfers Paradise.  That night I learned about Life, Love, the Chosen People and the 4th Dimension.  Vaclav taught me through Music, and showed me how all of these things relate to each other.  

Essentially, we are living in a world with 4 dimensions.  It has been said before that the 4th dimension exists here on earth with us, but due to different vibration patterns we can't see anyone in the 4th dimension.  They are invisible.  Once he said the word "invisibility" it became so very clear to me.  He believes that through Love one can open the door to the 4th dimension, and the only people who make it through the door are the Chosen People.  

Something in his eyes told me that he knew the secrets to the universe. Of course he wasn't going to tell them all to me right then and there.  But he did open my eyes and allowed me to see what I already knew I should be seeing.  Although I hadn't told him anything about myself, he told me what I had known all of my life - that I was somehow different.  That I'm not an ordinary human.   He called me "Chosen One". 

How could this stranger possibly know anything about me?  He didn't ask me for anything and he didn't  offer anything.  He had wisdom. I told him that I needed his help to find my focus. He kept referring to himself as someone from somewhere else. He repeated the phrase “I'm not Australian, I'm Czech” as if to say “I'm not from anywhere that you can relate to. Or maybe he was saying “I'm from a neutral, far-away place”>

Who was this man?  If appearances are to be believed, then truly this man was from somewhere else.  His Inca style pants demonstrated that he was certainly not an average person.  He told me about the genius behind the Inca people and how one of their leaders had designed a fortress.   I had some questions for him about this, but he politely brushed me off by saying, "Be careful, and you will see them one day." as if he could see into my future.  He asked me questions that I have asked myself.  How could such an advanced culture be completely eradicated from existence?  Time and time again it has happened.  He mentioned the Sufi people of 8,000 years ago.  Where are they?  What happened?  Are all of these vanished peoples related?

Vaclav called Australia "The Continent of Innocence".  He said that people from all over the world come here, like I have, in search of something more.   And that's when I truly understood the concept of the 4th dimension.  It's freedom.  The freedom to do whatever you want, without conforming to artificial and arbitrary rules.  It's Love.  By opening your heart you open yourself to others.  It's very difficult, but it is the only way through the door.  In the 4th dimension there are only the Chosen People.  Some are Jews, but  Jews are not the only ones.  The Chosen People are people from everywhere.   The key is creating your own Commandments and adhering to them.  The 4th dimension has no need for police and for rules.  People live Life and do as they please because there is no worry or fear of danger.  He talked about the merkabah, the two triangles.   He talked about the 9 kinds of Love and how beautiful and different each one is.    

Vaclav told me about the book he was going to write, called "Why?"  This book asks the questions that I want answered.  Why does 95% of the population survive on killing, while only 5% survive through healing?  He told me that he is a healer, and I know that he is.  He taught me the beauty of simplicity. He showed me through music that everything is a variation of the same theme, but how we interpret that theme is up to us. This is where true imagination flourishes. He explained to me that some people have an innate ability that no book can explain or teach, and that I have that in me.