The 6th night of Chanukah 
26 Kislev 5764
aka Christmas Eve 2003 

Today was a very good day.  When I woke up it was cloudy, but by the time I was out of the shower and ready to go it was sunny and warm.  I found an internet place, chatted online with Lucky and he shouted me live on CKDO Oshawa.  Once back at home I ate some good leftovers from last night and then decided to prepare for my very first run.  It was tough, but for the hour or so that I was gone I was running for about 20 minutes, which is 20 minutes that I could have been sitting on my ass getting fatter.  I saw the beach,

During my exercise I saw a giant billboard that read "Be More Jewish / Believe in Jesus".  

I approached and got some advice from a guy who looked like a professional runner and began running some more.  I saw the rocks and found "my spot".  The run back to the beach was without a stop.  On the way home I got lost, although I knew I was going in the right direction.*  I saw the runner again.  He told me to "Keep going mate!"   That was the push I needed.

When I got back home I decided to celebrate my excellent day by lighting the Chanukah lights, although I had not menorah or candles. Then I realized that I did have two regular candles and numerous electronic devices that emit light. I made my own techno menorah by lining them up in a row. After saying the baruchot I lit the shammas and six lights by turning on these devices in a row.

I had a dreidle with me (funny enough) and spun it several times with a big grin on my face.  Then I sat down and wrote this:  Praise the Lord.  I think that Word is trying to teach me something here.  He told me that I'd get a great place to live, and the next day I did.  He told me to praise the Lord for that, and I did.  Now I praise the Lord on my own and give thanks for what I have in my life.  Truly an excellent day.

*(Lost as in the fact that I didn't know precisely where I was, since I didn't take the same route back - unintentionally.  I suppose that I was not lost after all.  If I had not gone the way that I did, I would not have seen new sights, and would not have seen the runner again.  Tonight would have happened completely differently, and I wouldn't want to have changed a thing !)