The Guitar and the Beach

I had lived at Bay Lodge for over 3 months yet I hadn't ever seen Budd's Beach - a little sand strip along the canal at the end of Palm Avenue.   One Thursday evening I decided to walk down to watch the sun set.  It was there that everything started to come into focus.  It was there that I began to see exactly how things connect.  And I knew then that this would be just the beginning.

I watched an old man feeding the circling birds.  Further down the beach, young people splashed in the water.  I watched the birds for some time and though I never really tried to understand their flight before, now it made perfect sense.  I could see the patterns of interconnected circles - constantly evolving, constantly in motion.  Each bird, while free to fly anywhere at all, somehow must have felt connected to the group.  Each bird seemed to know its role and was apparently tied to every other bird through a group energy.

I arrived home on Friday afternoon to find a message that my employer did not require my services for the evening.   I was free to do whatever I wanted, which is really a great feeling.   I changed into some comfortable clothes and got my inspiration into me.  I grabbed the guitar and walked down the street to Budd's beach.

I played some music for some time, while watching the sun set.  All the while a menacing storm cloud seemed to be headed straight for me - getting closer and closer every minute.   For some reason I felt totally at peace.  No dread, no worry, but very anxious for some sort of  ascension. I had a feeling that something momentous was about to occur, but I couldn't explain or understand just what it was. I could only feel it.

When the time seemed right, I got off the bench and walked back home.  The temperature had dropped and I started to feel a little chill.   It was a clear night.  The stars were out.  I put on some warmer clothes and after a quick drink I felt the draw of the ocean.  I didn't know what I was going to do, but I did know where I had to do it.  Once I arrived on the vast, moonlit beach I began to feel real peace.   I began to play my guitar for no one and everyone.  I played for me.  I played for the ocean and the stars, and the waves cheered.  It was miraculous.  I turned around and faced the buildings.  The only thing behind me was darkness.  I felt as though I was on the world's largest stage with the stars and the waves as my backdrop and the lights of the city as my audience.  I played.  I could hear the cheering.   I walked a little further and played for the bright half-moon.   I was observing the stars when I noticed a pattern that I had never seen before.  I saw a Star of David constellation in the sky.  I tried to focus on the pattern to determine whether or not it was really there.  It was.

I walked silently for some time, just listening to the waves, and I felt part of something larger.