Joshua Ball presented a series of four 2 hour GarageBand Workshops for the TDSB last year.  I attend all four workshops and learned a great deal about how to use GarageBand as a program and how to utilize its strengths in the classroom.

His presentations were very well organized with multiple examples, and included lots of hands on time with the program.  The workshops were for TDSB teachers, and all who attended agreed that they learned a great deal.

Prior to the workshops, Joshua and I discussed what our learning goals should be and how best to deliver this to our teachers.  Working with Joshua was a pleasure, as we both share a passion for music, and thoroughly enjoy teaching. 

I can give Joshua Ball an excellent recommendation.

Paul Sylvester
Instructional Leader of Music
Toronto District School Board


Joshua Ball is one of those rare teachers who inspires students by fostering the belief that they are music-makers, through resources and strategies that are traditional and cutting-edge.   Our students have had the opportunity to compose original songs, rap tunes and instrumental pieces using traditional instruments and digital media (iPads, electronic keyboards and Garage Band).  

Students of all ages have found a musical ‘voice’ in Josh’s classroom.  It is a common sight to have students cheer wildly when their teacher tells them it’s time to go to music class.  It is equally common to see music students play original compositions on electronic keyboards along with a Steel Pan ensemble.  

Josh’s ability to engage each student is a testament to his own passion, creativity and skill; he also demonstrates enormous empathy for students who are reluctant or lacking in self-confidence.  His enthusiasm is infectious and his heart bigger than Neil Peart’s drum kit!    His personal mission is to have all students love music as much as he does, and he is very successful at it!

Lily Sarno
Elementary School Principal
Toronto, ON