Student of Life 

I study life in various forms.  What are the principle, base differences between females and males, and what is masculinity?  How does geometry define nature, and how is nature shaped by geometry?  Why do Y'allah and Adios both refer to God?.  Why are there so many coincidences in near-death experiences across cultures?  I can see patterns in what I am studying, but I do not yet know how they all connect.  I do know that they connect in some way, but I still don't understand exactly how they relate to one another.  It is as if I am traveling on many different tracks at once, all of which are heading toward the same destination: Understanding.  Each track begins at a different point on the circumference of a circle, and each track is cutting a radius toward the centre, which is where everything comes together.  This is where I will understand how everything is connected, where "All Things Are One".  The only question that I want answered is this:  “How?”