Life Was Seeded

Mars was dying.  It became necessary to abandon and the decision was made to seed Earth.  Martian life was placed into The Seed and it was sent to Earth.   The Seed planted itself into Earth's soil.  The impact created a crater thousands of kilometres across.  Red dust rose and filled the sky from the impact of The Seed.  Thus was the demise of the dinosaurs.  

As a result of the enormous impact of the seeding, fault lines were created.  Time passed.  Pangea became unstable and began its transition.  The tip of The Seed, buried 6 kilometres into the land, broke open, and fertilization occurred. As it came to pass, new life emerged from the land.  The Seeding was successful.  The Seed had recreated life in new, previously unrealized ways.  The combination of Marian DNA and Earth's soil resulted in creatures that could not be found anywhere else in the Solar System.  The hybrid Martian-Earth Culture of The Seed became unlatched from the as-yet-unseeded grounds to the Northwest. Soon New Humans were walking.  As the New Humans became sentient they began to roam the land and realized the awesome nature of The Seed.  The Seed's shell was to be revered as a sacred site called Uluru.  

In perfect isolation the New Humans lived well, and created a perpetuating culture of 40,000 years. By far the most ancient civilization on the planet.