I don't know what to make of  meeting Vaclav.  He has left me with more questions than answers, which was probably the point.  His accent was thick at times, and although I didn't fully understand some of the ideas that he was explaining, I knew then that in time I would.  I know that as time passes I will be able to better understand some of the symbolism of our meeting.  As  I looked up at the rounded building across from where I was sitting, I saw the word "FOCUS". Was Vaclav a Messenger?  Was he Melchezedik or Morpheus?  How could he possibly have known so much about me?  

He was certainly unlike any other person I have ever met.  I do know that I look at things differently now.  I can't explain in words exactly what this feeling is, but it is a feeling of calm, with intense focus.  Is it possible that the night never happened at all?  Was this reality or a divine vision of some sort? 

Vaclav does not believe in God.  He believes that he has God in him.  He believes that he creates the world for himself.  Maybe now I'm beginning to understand after all.