Dealing with Failure 

I could only create my best work when I had learned to deal with failure.  It's only after I stopped caring about the outcome that I could really let go and go with the flow.  When I realized that as long as I gave it my best effort and remained positive, nothing bad would happen to me.  

I was afraid of hard work, and whenever a situation presented itself I would almost always choose the easiest path.  I have since realized that there is a learning curve with everything and the only way to really succeed is with lots of practice and dedication.  I was most often not willing to put in the effort.

I want to excel at whatever I do.  It now seems that the situations where I made a decision to commit to something, I have found myself to be excellent at it.

I know that I  have very high standards, but I also know that I deserve nothing less than what I choose to accept.  I was always too ready to do for others while putting my own needs and desires second, if they were addressed at all.  No longer.  I am the captain of my ship and I will steer it where I deem best.  I  am ready to accept the consequences of my actions.