Apollo has been experimenting with electronic music production since 1999, when he crafted loops by drawing individual notes with a mouse.  He is capable of executing beats with surgical precision and is a featured performer in the Toronto electronic scene.

APOLLO (Paul Ouellette)

Nancy Kopman

YOSHI (Josh Ball)

Nancy Kopman's songs cast an instant spell over infants to 10-year-olds--even adults can't get her songs out of their heads. Nancy has taken her extensive preschool and Kindergarten teaching experience and merged it with her musical expertise to create her folksy, catchy, educational and self-esteem building songs that have been delighting families for over 15 years. Nancy's fans often ask, 'Did you write this song just for me? Are you singing that song just for me?', and the answer is always "yes"...all of Nancy's music is designed to be meaningful from a child's perspective.

Yoshi is the owner, producer and composer at Innovative Sounds, a multi-instrumentalist and has been a studio and live music producer since 1999.  He has been teaching Elementary Music in Toronto since 2006. He regularly performs Live PA sets and moonlights as a Wedding DJ.

MR. FURIOUS (Terence Cheng)

Mr. Furious has been a DJ and producer for over a decade. He's played all kinds of electronic music. The tracks he likes to make aren't necessarily drum and bass. However, they all contain some form of dirt.