In our Private Music Technology Instruction classes you will be able to further develop your love of music.  I will teach you how to use a wide variety of music technology to take your music to new heights.  I have been a Music Software Workshop Leader with the Toronto District School Board and have established myself as an expert in Music Technology for the board.  

                                          Don’t fear technology.  It will set you free.   

For Adults, we start at your beginning.  
What do you want to learn?  What do you already know?  

Topics Include:
Digital Audio Recording
Sound Mixing
ProTools Recording Software and Hardware
GarageBand for the Computer
GarageBand for the iPad
Digital DJing
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) - what it is, how it works
VSTs (Virtual Software Instruments) 

         With Private, One-To-One instruction in a comfortable setting, you will be amazed what you can learn.